Stolen Goods

Opening on the anniversary of the Capitol insurrection, this exhibition explores “the big lie” behind the Stop the Steal movement, looking deeper into questions of who the country belongs to, who gets to protest, and what has been stolen from who throughout American history.

Exhibiting Artists: Matt Blackwell, Jacob Cullers, Deborah Dancy, Chawky Frenn, Gregory Eltringham, Josephine Hyde, Andrew Ellis Johnson,Juan Juarez, Kate Kretz, Thomas Nazario, Jefferson Pinder, Ivy Rodgers, Justin Ruby, Paul Rucker, Dread Scott, Susanne Slavick, Dillon Samuelson, and Joseph Velasquez

Co-curated by Matthew Apol and Matthew Clay-Robison

January 6 – February 23, 2022
Marketview Arts
York Pennsylvania

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